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Shipping & Invictus Ride Marshal Saddle Bags Review Policy

1-Product Name – Invictus Ride Marshal Saddle Bag.
2-Manufacturer – Invictus Touring Gears.
3-Fabric used – 600x900D B-cord fabric.
4-Shape Retention – Yes.
5-Capacity in ltr. – 45 ltr each 2 front pockets, 2 mesh pockets with capacity to fit 5 ltr can each. 1 pocket each on top flap.
6-Internal pockets capacity – 2 Internal mesh pocket for documents.
7-Fit (Type of motorcycles) – All Royal Enfield Models, Suzuki Gixxer, Yamaha FZ16, Avenger, Pulsars.
8-Suitable for exhaust – Straight exhaust and exhaust with moderate upswing (similar to Pulsar, gixxer exhausts). Not suitable for free flow exhaust or for bikes similar to Yamaha R15.
9-Saddlestay required? – No.
10-Single side mounting possible? – No.
11-Reflective strips – Yes, Strips on front and back of bag. Reflective text on side.
12-Raincover included? – Yes.
13-Possibility to load luggage externally – Yes.
14-Warranty – 1 year against any manufacturing defect.

Fabric used for Invictus Ride Marshal Saddle Bag is made from 600×900 D B-Cord fabric. Extremely sturdy and excellent load bearing capacity. This fabric also has good abrasion resistance so low speed crash doesn’t translate to a torn saddlebag.

Top flap of the saddlebag is hard top. It means that hard case fiber panel is put inside two layers of fabric. This not only helps in retaining the overall shape of the saddlebag, it also helps in providing a level base for external luggage.

External luggage can be mounted on both side tops of the saddlebag. Adjustable straps enable you to fit tripod, sleeping bag/mat, tent (upto 4 men tent) on top. This leaves all the internal 90 ltr. Capacity available for your luggage. May be you can carry the whole group’s luggage in this one bag.

Inside the saddlebag

Roll top closure with Velcro and quick release buckles are provided. The material used is ULLY coated nylon fabric (which itself has water repellent capacity.) So you can fit dry-bag of any brand inside this saddlebag. However, given the heavy duty fabric construction, roll top closure, waterproof inside lining and provided rain cover should translate to nearly 100% waterproof bag. It would be 85-90% waterproof even without a rain cover.

Only possibility of water seeping inside seems to be through the bottom. If saddlebag bottom is submerged in water for long time, water would seep in. But motorcycles belong on roads and not inside rivers so possibility of this happening is between slim and nil. Inside of saddlebag is made from 600D TPU nylon. It is soft to touch and is the same material that is typically used for raincoats. This saddlebag actually mimics the functionality of a hard pannier. Front side, back side and external side of the saddlebag has heatlon reinforced hard casing fiber.

This would not only protect your luggage a bit in case of a crash, the hard casing also makes sure that the shape of the bag remains same even if you don’t fill it up fully. All the Heatlon hard casing fibre panels can be removed (chain is provided) in case you wish to deflate the saddlebag and store it in smaller space. However, the effort taken to put them back in is a herculean task and should be avoided as much as possible. Panels of this saddlebag that would be facing the tyre, have double layered fabric so even if the bag touches/ rubs with shock absorber, chances of fabric tearing get minimised. Two soft PVC handles are provided when you want to carry the bag to / from your room.

The soft handles make it easy to carry the heavily loaded bag. However, given the 90ltr capacity of the bag, I seriously doubt that one person can lift a fully filled saddlebag in one hand. Or may be you have biceps of Arnold. Overall Stitching is by 4-ply nylon. All the stitching is doubt stitched. As if it isn’t sufficient, Invictus has provided box cross stitch on external straps so even if jerked, the straps won’t come out. The base of the saddlebag has 3 anti-skid PVC base patches on each side. These patches act as protectors in case you keep down the saddlebag on rough terrain. Also they will keep the saddlebag base away from mud (if not too deep). The tail strap has red colour quick release fixtures. Since this is the only fixture different in colour, it becomes extremely easy to distinguish front and rear of the bag.

External Pockets

The front external pockets are closed via zipper. Zipper is covered by a storm flap so in case of light rains, you need not put on the rain cover. Rear Mesh external pockets can carry a 5 ltr can each. So you won’t run out of fuel even in remote region. Since these pockets are on rear side, sloshing petrol fumes shouldn’t affect you. Also in case of a crash, this portion is relatively unaffected. These pockets don’t have top flaps so can accommodate bigger cans / packs also. This also means that in case of extremely bumpy ride, the contents of these pockets may fall off. Invictus has provided quick release adjustable straps and the side flap of saddlebag covers the top area so ideally it should not happen. But better be prepared.

Note :

We do not encourage carrying fuel in cans while on ride.
1 pocket each is provided on top flap of the saddlebag. One pocket contains a first aid kit (more details about this later in the article) and other pocket is for storing items requiring quick and frequent access. Both the pockets have zipper closure.
2 Internal mesh pocket for documents (one on each side) located inside the top flap provide quick access. These pockets are closed by zippers so no chance of your documents, credit cards etc. falling inside the bag.

Extra Features:
First Aid kit – Steralised cotton, Hydrogen peroxide, medical tape, WHO-ORS sachet, Bandage, Neomycin cream (for treatment of infected wounds, burns and boils) Merbromin solution (topical antiseptic used for minor burns, cuts and scrapes.) Back strap permits you to lift up the saddlebag in case it is touching the exhaust. A 2ft x 2inch Velcro patch is provided inside the top flap on each side. It can be used for attaching your ICE (In case of emergency) information. I don’t know any rider who would use this feature but since manufacturer has decided on providing it, there must be someone out there interested in using this feature.

Usability :
Invictus Ride Marshal saddlebag is quite huge. If you want to start a world tour or simply carry your whole wardrobe + spare engines, this is the bag for you. Note: I know many riders who would find the 90 ltr. Capacity as just enough. The shape retention of the saddlebag means I need not bother about filling them to the brim. Even half filled bags retain the shape and chances of them touching wheels / exhaust are very less. The rolltop mechanism on top and hard case fiber at bottom means everything inside the bag is safe and secure. This bag is as close to hard panniers as I have ever seen. If you need the 90 ltr capacity, you can go ahead and buy this. At Rs.4500/-, Invictus Ride Marshal saddle bag is not cheap but then there isn’t any direct competition. Rynox Drystack saddlebag is at Rs.3450/- but it has 60 ltr capacity.

Things I like: Shape retention. Even without the saddlebag being full, it rains its shape. Almost Bulletproof ruggedness.

Things I dislike: Huge size of the bag. I don’t know how to fill up even one side of the bag. Panels facing the tyres are not soft to touch so if your saddlebag is touching any body part of the bike, it will / should create scratches where it touches.

Verdict :
I love the ruggedness of this saddlebag. Minute attention to detail in every small element shows the attention manufacturer provides for rider needs. However, I am a firm believer in not carrying much while touring. In fact, I did a solo UK Ride of 8 days using just a 50 ltr. tailbag from this manufacturer (to read the bag review click here Read the travelogue at – ). So for me, this bag is too big. Had this been somewhere about 60 Ltr capacity, it would had been suitable for me. For people planning on world tour or who love to carry whole lot of luggage and also may be a few spare engines, tyres (just kidding), this would be a perfect saddlebag.

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