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Moto vloggers Policy

Motovloggers / Social Media Influencers Policy

Policy for review videos/ collaboration 

  1. Minimum following 30k with engagement rate of not less than 35% on any platform.( Instagram, You Tube )

  2. Genuine following only. We know how to spot fake and real followers.

  3. As per company policy we do not tolerate bloggers posting and glorifying rash, reckless riding and public behaviour, self / public endangerment, click baiting taglines, click baiting thumbnails, disrespect to others, online, offline abuse bullying conduct unbecoming a responsible rider, fake claims of achievements , scripted events in videos to generate views, fake following, road rage videos, crash compilations of others, stunting on public roads, speed stunting, fake / misleading information or claims, 
    If any such content is found present / future collaborations will cease with immediate effect even if objectionable content is removed . Kindly note we go through each and every post and video before approving any request if any such content is found your request will not be entertained in future as well.
    The company prides itself in supporting responsible riding culture and is a proud member of the bikers brotherhood.and will not support any rider indulging in the above behaviours.

  4. We offer only our products, custom or standard as sponsorship only. No financial sponsorship will be provided.

How to approach

  1. Send us an Email with all your public social media profiles. You will receive our reply within one week.

  2. You can contact our dealers for collaborations final decision rests with the company and our dealers.

Payment methods
The company will require 2 crossed cheques by name Invictus Touring Gears each equalling 50% amount of the MRP of the said products. Once the content creation is complete the party will receive one cheque back and the other cheque will be deposited by the company with prior notice.. In short we will offer you the requested products at 50% discount. You will receive the second cheque cancelled and sent back via registered post/ courier service.


  1. Content should be created within 30 days of receiving physical custody of the products. Any unforeseeable delays should be communicated to the company and we will consider it fairly.

  2. Use the products as roughly as possible, crash stimulation etc are acceptable if carried out safely.

  3. Products should be used/ fitted as per company information or after consultation with the company representatives if you want to try out a different way.

  4. The company will require physical possession of the original content ( Photos, short clips not the entire footage) The content may be used for marketing purposes with due credits to its creator.

  5. All suggestions for improvements are always welcome and we will do our best to implement them.

  6. The company does not interfere with content nor do we direct the creator to create in a specific format or infomercial pattern. Any review/  educated opinions/ criticism are welcome.

  7. The company does not ask the creator to take down ANY fair review, educated opinion, or even negative review as long as the claim is real.

  8. Please confirm all specifications with us if you have any doubts.

  9. If content is not created in the said time period without notification of delay from the bloggers side the company will deposit both cheques with prior notice via mail, call or message.

Special Cases
The company may waive off the financial aspects of the terms and conditions in some cases as per merits. The final decision will rest with the company and our retail partners only. The exclusion will be only for the following :-

  1. Security Cheque deposit

  2. Followers count only (, request void if fake followers are found.)

  3. Content creation time.

The remaining conditions remain constant in any case.

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