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Our journey began as Manas Adventure Gears in Pune, where we set out to create gear that would fuel people's adventures. In November 2018, we rebranded ourselves as Invictus Touring Gears and officially trademarked our new identity. That same year, we made waves at Rider Mania Goa, receiving an overwhelming response with many of our products selling out within the first two days! This incredible reception boosted our confidence as we were compared favorably with brands that had been around for 5-10 years. It was a moment of pride and excitement for us, but also a reminder of the responsibility we carry in delivering quality and reliability to our customers.


Invictus was born out of a passion to provide riders of all bikes with the safest and most reliable luggage solutions for long-distance journeys. Our journey began with market surveys that revealed a significant gap: while there were plenty of options for Royal Enfield bikes, other motorcycle brands had limited choices and few affordable luggage systems available.


In response, we made it our mission to create universal products that cater to all bike makes. From our 90L saddle bags to the 76L detachable saddle bags and tail bags, each product is meticulously designed to accommodate various seat lengths, exhaust heights, rider comfort preferences, and different saddle stays from various brands. We've taken every detail into consideration to ensure our bags offer optimal shapes, sizes, and adjustments that meet everyone's needs.


Our parent company, Sathe Gadi Karkhana, boasts a rich legacy as Pune's oldest mattress manufacturing unit established in 1935. With a deep-rooted commitment to quality control and understanding customer requirements, we bring the same ethos to Invictus.

At Invictus, transparency is key. We believe in sharing every detail with our customers, from the materials used—including fabrics, threads, and machinery—allowing users to make

informed decisions. All our products are proudly manufactured in-house at our own factory, with absolutely no imports from China or Pakistan. Embracing the Make In India initiative, we strive to incorporate as many Indian-made raw materials as possible into our products.

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At Invictus, we're not just crafting luggage; we're shaping journeys with quality, reliability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Shaping Journeys with Quality, Reliability, and a Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

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