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Tactical Assault Bagpack



As this is a highly specific use luggage the company at its own discretion and due to lack of governmental norms has decided to restrict its sale to serving defense personnel only. This is a highly specialized product with no practical use in civilian life the company has set the following rules for sale to prevent it from being misused.

  • Only serving defense personnel can purchase this product. 
  • Any central forces ID card and Aadhar card will be allowed as ID proof. Company will need to see the original IDs . State police, civil police, Military Police, government servant IDs are not valid here unless in special cases.
  • Dependent cards not allowed please note.
  • It is advisable to order to military camp locations only, please avoid ordering to civilian addresses.
  • Do not carry this bag to airports, railway or bus stations or sea ports unless you have the relevant IDs on you. You may be asked by airport authorities to keep this bag in  the cargo due to its metal frames.
  • The bag should be purchased with operational use intent only and not for daily use. User is solely responsible in this regard.
  • Any attempt at fraudulent purchase will be reported to the local military police and military police in Pune city at once.
  • Bags can be viewed on our website but can be purchased after due verification only.
  • Bags can be purchased by personnel of Indian nationality only.
  •  Original purchasee is solely responsible to ensure this bag is not used by anyone who does not need it. Company bears no responsibility beyond the original verified purchase.
  • When researching this market we have found many companies and individuals indulging in open market sales of products which have no business being in civilian hands., All the above rules are to ensure that we are not counted among such companies/ individuals. We do not want our products to become a show off piece anywhere or get anyone in trouble with it in the wrong place however if such a case happens and the company is contacted by relevant authorities to furnish information the company will have no choice but to cooperate with the relevant authorities and furnish information regarding the original purchase. 

    Please note.

  • Dimensions :



Total capacity 18.141L

  • Secondary compartment

L 3.5" x B 3.5" x H 19’’

Total capacity 232.75 inches cube

Internal compartments 

One chain compartment (Map)

One generic net pocket


  • External Compartments

Sides –8 x 4.75 x 2  76 ccin x 2 -  152 cubic inch

Front  - L 2.25 x B 2.5 x H12.5

Total capacity: 70.3 cubic inches


  • Special alterations
  • Name tag Velcro  7’’
  •  MOLLE loops for magazine pouches, side arms , small explosives, melee arms etc

12" x 4"

  • Side MOLLE loops for quick access to melee weapons
  •  Side Compartments can hold grenade, flash bang, smoke grenade, loose cartridges
  • Heavy duty quick release snap buckles with woven nylon belts for compressing load
  • 3mm 1’’ Aluminum strips for ridged back support and even  weight distribution, length 17 ‘’ vertical 2 nos  + 6’’ horizontal 2nos 
  • Easy to access compartments on the waist belt
  • Chest strap for fool proof back strap up
  • 3 point foam padding with nylon foam mesh for breathability
  • Strong D ring loops for hydra pack, quick access equipment etc
  • Snug fitting and unique metal bracketing which will adapt to the persons using style.
  • Unique back straps  design to ensure free movement while handling weapons


FAQ  and  precautions:-


  • Always ensure that the chest and waist straps are not tighter than the person's body at full breath-hold, tightening it excessively can result in early fatigue, breathlessness
  • Always use the rubber handle grip while lowering or pulling the bag on a rope.
  • Always keep the flaps over the chains open when in combat or when it's not raining, it will lower the time taken to access the compartments.
  • The bags measurements have been taken taking into consideration actions like crawling, crouching etc
  • 10 point belt and buckle compression system for maximum compression on all sides with full or partial load and over luggage. Belt locker ends to ensure compression stays .
  • The 4 point metal backrest has been designed for long and enduring use, the system may take up to 1 month of regular use to get in shape, however it will stay the perfect shape once bent and wont bend any further. Backpacks are usually considered personal items and rarely go beyond a single persons use in case its being used by someone other than the first user it is recommended that the new user takes out the vertical strips and bend them straight in case it feels uncomfortable. Use any flat and plain surface and put pressure to straighten it out use hands or heavy metal objects like hammer do not use objects like stones or rifle ends .
  • In case of water crossings/ river crossings it is recommended that the rain cover be taken off and stashed safely , if water fills in the cover it can throw the user off balance in critical situitations. 
  • In case you wish to bend the frame early it is recommended to follow the following steps, 1) strap the bag up fully 2) have another person bend the plates from the inside in an “S” shape corresponding to the users back  slowly with the S beginning from the neck to the lower back. While the horizontal plates are not removable they don’t bend they are for additional support and even weight distribution on the upper and lower back. The horizontal plates will mark the beginning and the end of the S shape. The lower curve of the S should fit the curve of the lower back with the down side horizontal strip ending near the tail bone.
  • Use on zip lines, rappling, rock climbing should be at your discretion. 
  •  Always remove air from the waterproof dry bag before stashing it do not put any sharp pointed objects in the dry bags.
  • Do not put hot spent cartridges in the inner pockets use external side or front compartments for that.
  • When in combat it is recommended to release all the quick release snap buckles to ensure faster access to magazines and other equipment. 
  • In case you need to drop the bag over a considerable height ensure it land on the back side ( side which touches the back of the user). The metal strips can be bent back into shape, electronic items in the water proof zipper compartment may suffer unrepairable damage if dropped on the front. Padding and rigidity elements are more toward the back.
  • Remove explosives before dropping if unsure.


Material Specifications

  • Main fabric:  600x 900D PVC coated Bcord fabric, Company – URBAN.
  • Belts: 1’’, 1.5’’ Woven Nylon breaking strength 20kg each
  • Thread:  QUARTZ 3ply and 6ply pre lubricate Nylon
  • Fittings:  All fittings are ISI mark FF and KB company.
  • Chain:  YKK 5no, 8no, 10no
  • Runners:  SUN
  • Internal Fabric:  Taffetta (PNP)
  • Base fabric:  PVC corrugated rubberized resin (PNP)
  • Rain Cover and/or internal waterproof liner -  75mm PVC fabric ( Caprihans India pvt Ltd)