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Stealth Series - Saddle Bag



Two toolkit / organizer compartments on both sides with 600x900D PVC Coated Bcord Fabric with elastic straps.

Technical Specifications

  • Outer Fabric: 1000D jacket grade PU coated nylon
  • Inner Fabric: Taffeta fabric
  • Wall paddings: 5mm Hitlon + 2mm Hard casing Carbon Fiber + 10mm Hitlon
  • Flap padding: 5mm Hitlon + Hard casing Carbon Fiber
  • Fittings: FF and KB ISO mark fittings
  • Belts: 1’’ and 2’’ Woven nylon belts 1’’ belt capacity 20Kg
  • 2’’ belt capacity 40KG
  • Chain and Runners: YKK 8 no heavy duty
  • Reflective: 3M
  • Base and back fabric construction: Heavy duty corrugated rubber stitched over 1000D nylon fabric
  • Stitching: Heavy duty Juki Japanese make machinery
  • Stitch count: 15 stitches per inch with double stitching on all critical parts and internally locked with 1’’ woven nylon piping belt.
  • First aid kit , Dust covers and waterproof inner liners included.


Additional Information

Thinking behind it:-
This was by far one of the most complicated projects we have worked on so far, We had a target bike RE interceptor which at the time didn’t have many good capacity options for saddle bags. The seat to exhaust height was low ( stock exhausts ) with the additional challenge of the exhausts being present on both side and the heat being generated extreme. Of course as per our usual methods the bag was going to be universal for all high end cruiser, touring and sports bikes with simplified yet effective strapping options. Thus began the journey lasting for months for the most effective strapping system.

We decided to rely on our Ride Marshall Series strappings which have proven to be simple, effective and fail proof. The three point over the seat double locking straps prove to be effective and easy to do while strapping bike on with luggage, they have been so placed to enable the user to pull up the bags as much as required, out of the three locks two have been placed on both ends and one has been placed in the opposite side, this has been done to enable similar pull up levels on ends and central opposite pull up to counter the weight and drooping.

The straps can be adjusted as per seat height which differs from bike to bike and seat to seat and of course compatible with custom seats and saddle stays. The use of under the seat strapping system however is restricted to some extent for some Interceptor and Continental GT type bikes as the ratio between the exhaust and seat is too low to do so but over the seat strapping works perfectly in such cases.

The tethering has been uniquely designed for all such uses on any bike including bikes like Impulse Xpulse etc. (saddle stay required here) You can either strap it up in the standard way, one strap at the back and two to the front or you can strap the bag to the saddle stays and the bike at the same time too!

The newly designed LL buckles + 6 strap locking system enables you to secure the bag as tightly as you want and anywhere you want, a detailed video ( its going to be a long one) will be out shortly.

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