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EDC Universal Frame Bags



Presenting the EDC Universal Modular Frame Bags

A small compact frame bag available in pairs as well as single piece, an ambidextrous versatile bag capable of fitting pannier frames, crash guards, frame guards, tank guards, saree guards, saddle stays and every place possible, not suitable for leg guards due to its sizing factor.


With a unique 4-point double D lock strapping system it is possible to equally distribute the weight along the frame herby making it impossible for the bag to get loose during a ride, and with additional zip tie molle loop system provided if necessary for additional tie-ups along the pipes ensuring its stability in the most unlikely of terrains and tie-up locations.

With molle loop systems provided all along the bag front, back, as well as on the sides you can now customize the bags outer utilities as per convenience or strap along action cameras wherever you want. 


With a 100% waterproof inner liner with roll top and a hard cased flap to with YKK zip and runners ensure your precious belongings remain safe and secure even in the harshest of terrains, and with fiber paddings all around to ensure the luggage remains as protected as possible in event of a crash this little piece is perfect for off-roaders, highway rides or your everyday office use.


With reflective cores at strategic places to ensure safe distancing and additional long-distance visibility to ensure you and the bike is seen at the longest possible distance in the minimum possible light to ensure safe rides in the night without disturbing the concentration of nearby people this bag provides the best solution for all your daily and long distance rides on the road as well as off the road.


Product dimensions

Length 9"

Breadth 6"

Height 12"

Total capacity 10.61L single

Total capacity 21.22L pair

Single Bag

Pair of Bags


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