Moto vloggers Policy

Motovloggers/ Social Media Influencers Policy

We have a very strict policy regarding this as we have been duped once before by a “ reputed motovlogger” . Therefore we have a separate policy regarding this.

  1. We provide products which the content creator is interested in at MRP first. Once the video is online we will post the YouTube link on all our platforms including website and social media platforms, we will require the original video as well once we have all the data the creator gets a full refund.
  2. WE DO NOT PROMOTE CONTENT OF CREATORS WHO POST VIDEOS OF ROAD RAGES, UNSAFE RIDING, IRRESPONSIBLE SPEEDING please refrain from posting such content if you are interested in working with us.
  3. The company have a strict policy of not interfering in the content posted and we respect you creation and opinions which are very valuable to us in making our products better.
  4. We prefer original content.. always
  5. We urge you to use the products as roughly as possible in all possible terrains and document it as per your creativity.
  6. Please do not use abusive words( within reason ) profanities, racist , words in the videos.
  7. The company will object ONLY if the content shown is deliberately slanderous made with intent of damaging reputation at someone’s behest otherwise all criticism is always welcome.
  8. Creator will be provided with all materials, specs details on request, if you find any cons please discuss it with us first we will be happy to answer all your questions, if unsatisfied we respect your opinion and will not object to anything you decide to post.
  9. We will be very happy if the creator compares our products with other brands in the video including pricings and specifications
  10. The company may use your content, videos , photos for marketing purposes on social media platforms and website after giving due credit only
  11. Please not that we will not alter the content while using it nor make it sound as if you are promoting our brand.