About Us


Starting out initially as Manas Adventure Gears in Pune we soon rebranded into Invictus Touring Gears and officially trademarked in November 2018 , the same year we made our presence felt at Rider Mania Goa where we got a huge response being sold out on most products in the first two days itself! It was a huge confidence booster for us seeing people compare a new brand with already established 5- 10 year old brands.. but also a huge responsibility…


Invictus was created with providing riders of all bikes the safest possible way of carrying their luggage’s on long distances. During the market surveys it was hugely observed that most bags available were made for RE bikes and other bikes had very little choices and very few brands with affordable luggage systems.

We therefore decided to make our products as universal as possible so that they would fit all bikes regardless of the make, right from the 90L saddle bag to the 76L detachable saddle bags to our tail bags all have been designed the various conditions of the seat lengths, exhaust heights riders comfort to the saddle stays made by various brands to locally made alterations, taking everything into account we designed the optimum bags , shapes , sizes, adjustments to suit everyone’s needs.

Our parent company, Sathe Gadi Karkhana has the distinction of being the oldest mattress manufacturing unit in Pune, established in 1935 we are no strangers to quality control and understanding peoples requirements.


We believe in complete transparency with our customers and therefore we share each and every detail of the materials we use right from the fabrics to threads to machines and let the users decide for themselves..

We manufacture all our products in house in our own factory, we do not import anything from China or Pakistan. Influenced by the Make In India movement we try to use as much as Indian made raw materials in our products as possible.