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Product specs :- Full head to toe poncho raincoat with cap.

Height 50”x Width 36”

Fabric :- Custom Made 100% waterproof Rubber Coated Nylon woven raincoat fabric

Sealing type :- Sealed on ultrasound high frequency heat sealing machine with plastic coating to protect the sealing and stitching for added strength

Product Description :- A 100% waterproof Single piece raincoat with minimum possible joints to prevent water seepage chances.

The Thinking Behind
About the Invictus Rain Fighter :-
The thinking behind it :-

For many years we had observed riders and commuters struggle to put on the rain suit pattern raincoats when on the road, especially for us riders it becomes extremely difficult to put on the pants with our riding shoes on.. We therefore designed the Invictus Rain Fighter with all the above in mind to be a one stroke solution to all the problems!

A free sized poncho raincoat with head to below shin coverage which covers up to our standard riding shoes ( full length) or our Army shoes size , all you have to do is slip it on from above and its done! Comfortable for use on all bikes and mopeds for on ride as well as daily use.

A unique sealing technique has been used by us here, We prefer to make our products defect free and long lasting, we have used High Frequency Ultra Sound generated heat sealing technique which fuses the fabric itself by melting the Nylon and rubber layers on each other and have added a plastic tape also sealed the same way to prevent wear and tear.